Contour Design appoints Kenneth Nielsen as new CEO

Kenneth Nielsen appointed new CEO of Contour Design


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The global niche company in ergonomic mouse and keyboard solutions Contour Design has appointed Kenneth Nielsen as Group CEO as of February 1st 2022. At the same time, the head office relocates from the USA to Denmark.

Kenneth Nielsen brings solid experience in generating growth in international companies with a strong focus on digitalization, e-commerce, sales, marketing, and product development as well as management. With his appointment as CEO of Contour Design, Kenneth Nielsen will once again be based in Denmark after a number of years abroad primarily at Apple as well as Amazon and in the past two years as Chief Digital Officer at Dr.Max Pharmacy Chain, one of Europe’s largest pharmacy chains. Kenneth Nielsen also led Salling Group’s digital business as Executive Vice President, Digital &eCommerce, from 2014 to 2020.

“I am pleased to have Kenneth, who I know from Apple, on board as CEO and driver on Contour Design’s growth journey. He has the experience to drive a strong international expansion combined with a focus on building a modern digital platform both for distribution and for the product,” says Chairman Erik Stannow, Contour Design.

Contour Design is a pioneer in ergonomic mouse and keyboard solutions with patented products such as RollerMouse, Unimouse and Balance Keyboard. With the right equipment, users can work safely at the computer without pain or repetitive strings injuries. The products have won several recognized designs awards and sold more than 250.000 units in 2021.

“We see a growing market need both in the Nordic region, where Contour Design already has a very strong position, and in Europe and North America. The potential to expand in all markets is also increasing with the overall increased focus on health and well-being. At the same time, we help to alleviate a costly societal problem,” says Kenneth Nielsen.

Modern working life, with many hours in front of the computer and workstations both in the office and in private homes, places great demands on healthy work habits to avoid load injuries. Contour Design’s long tradition of well-designed ergonomic computer mice offers solutions that prevent damage and increase efficiency.

Contour Design has three divisions responsible for sales and marketing in Europe as well as product development, sales and marketing in North America and a production unit in China. Sales are primarily made through partners such as ergonomic specialists, business dealers and suppliers of office equipment as well as through webshops.

Following Kenneth Nielsen’s appointment as CEO of the Contour Design Group, the company’s founder, Steven Wang, will continue as a board member, and the head office will change from New Hampshire, USA, to Ballerup in Denmark. Polaris became the majority shareholder in Contour Design in January 2021, when Erik Stannow took over as chairman of the board coming from a long business career at Apple and Compaq.

“We are very pleased with our investment in Contour Design and look forward to continuing the further development of the company together with the strong management team and supporting the company’s goal of creating further growth and value for even more digital users through mouse and keyboard solutions that promote health,” says partner Niels Worning, Polaris Equity.

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Chairman Erik Stannow, +45 60106464
CEO Kenneth Nielsen, +45 24831770

About Contour Design

Founded in 1995, Contour Design is a leader in research, development and design of ergonomic mouse and keyboard solutions. The company’s purpose is to create a healthier working life through ergonomics and injury prevention when working with computers. The award-winning brands such as RollerMouse, Unimouse and Balance Keyboard sold over 1/4 million units worldwide last year. Contour Design is headquartered in Ballerup, Denmark, with responsibility for sales and marketing and product development. In addition, there is a U.S. division responsible for sales and marketing in North America and a production unit in China.a