SliderMouse is a revolutionary computer mouse that isdesigned specifically to fit the human body while solving the demand foraesthetic electronics.

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Low carbon footprint

True wireless

Anti-bacterial wrist rest

Switch to the right tool for your job

You wouldn’t use a fork to eat a bowl of tomato soup and you wouldn’t use a butter knife to cut firewood – but still most people today use tools that aren’t developed to fit the job or their body.

SliderMouse Pro is undoubtedly the ideal companion for any task you have at hand! Its innovative design blends the best of both worlds, offering the functionality of a traditional mouse and the added versatility of a slider control and customizable buttons. It's like having a reliable and intuitive teammate by your side. Plus, its ergonomic shape ensures that your comfort is never compromised, allowing you to work for extended periods without any worries.

Reduce the risk of injury

Introducing SliderMouse Pro, the revolutionary computer mouse designed to prioritize your comfort and well-being. In a world where tools often fall short of meeting our needs, SliderMouse Pro stands out as the perfect solution for reducing the risk of injury and enhancing productivity.

By allowing you to work with both hands, SliderMouse Pro eliminates the unnecessary strains placed on a single hand, wrist, and shoulder. Using two hands re-establishes symmetry in the way you work, ultimately reducing the risk of injury. With the mouse's ergonomic shape and contoured grip, it ensures a comfortable user experience, preventing the development of repetitive strain injuries.

With SliderMouse Pro, you can say goodbye to stretching, twisting, and straining. Work comfortably for longer periods of time, maintain a better posture, and unlock unparalleled productivity and accuracy.

Increase comfort and precision

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The SliderMouse may not look like your regular computer mouse - and that's because it is not your regular mouse. This mouse is customizable, fully adaptable and designed for the human body. That makes for a great mouse. We trust you will find the mouse to be your new best coworker, which is why we offer a free 14 day trial. That way you will get to experience the mouse on your own two hands, ultimately getting the best idea of what works for YOU.

During the trial period, one of our knowledgeable product advisors will contact you to ensure you're getting the most out of your new SliderMouse.

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