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Contour collaborates with the leading IT suppliers in the market that provide services to a wide range of companies.
Check with your employer if you can get an ergonomic RollerMouse.

Contour Premium Partners

Azergo offers support for the setup of ergonomic workstations, such as ergonomic chairs, sit-stand desks, and vertical mice.

Azergo - Contour Premium Partner

Why make the switch

The RollerMouse Pro is ergonomically designed to reduce wrist strain and promote healthier posture. Unlike a traditional mouse, which require users to move their hands back and forth to operate, the RollerMouse Pro allows users to navigate the cursor from a neutral, central position right in front of the keyboard.

Compared to other centered computer mice, the RollerMouse Pro has a lighter, open design while keeping the well-known features from the other RollerMouse products. You'll be in complete control with the Rollerbar, programmable buttons, and large scroll wheel, all within easy reach.

If you're looking for an ergonomic computer mouse that can help improve your productivity, the RollerMouse Pro is the perfect choice.