No Mouse-Related Pain, Just Comfort

9 out of 10 users say the RollerMouse improved their well-being at work

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  • With a RollerMouse, I have gained a workday with variation in my work positions. I feel a big positive difference.

    - Dan, Key Account Manager in the IT industry
  • The posture I adopt due to working with the RollerMouse feels good, and my body tires significantly slower.

    - Jan, Team lead in the Car Industry​
  • It is a lifesaver when doing administrative work because it ensures a good body posture when working for many hours. ​

    - Mette, Couples therapist​
RollerMouse Red Plus

New Contour Design driver

We are proud to present our new and improved Contour Design driver.
The new driver is available two versions, one for Windows and one for macOS.

Download here

Contour Unimouse

A perfect fit for all hands

Our Unimouse is an award-winning adjustable computer mouse created to provide variation and relief to sore wrists. The Unimouse comes in both left and right hand versions.

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Ilustration of the Contour Unimouse